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☁️RJ BT21 Lilac Dreams Watch Charm

☁️Lilac Dreams watch Charms are specially designed to fit into Apple Watch bands, Magic Bands, and more!
☁️ They are manufactured with a custom backing for a secure fit. Some band holes are smaller than others, including Disney Magic Bands, and take a little extra "oomph" to snap them in. You will hear a little "pop" when they are secure.

☁️ Ready to ship!

☁️ Black Toned Metal
☁️ Lilac Dreams Charms measure .60"
☁️ 5mm mushroom attachment on the back
☁️ Hard enamel

☁️ While we cannot guarantee that they will fit into every brand or aftermarket band, they will fit into most!
☁️ Pro Tip: Magic Band holes are snugger than Watch bands. Add a tiny drop of water to the band to make it easier to snap in!
☁️ Make sure to flip your band over and press down firmly around the edges of the mushroom backing to ensure proper installation.

❤️ Thank you for supporting a small business!

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